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Singer/ Songwriter/ singing and percussion instructor, social and intercultural animator, student in music therapy…

Originally from Congo-Brazzaville, I was born in Pointe Noire on the Atlantic Ocean in a multi-coloured atmosphere and landscape (racial and cultural point of view). I received a normal school education that i combined with the sporty and religious one. 

I took my first steps in a church choir (at 12 years old) and little by little, fed from Gospel to Afro blues, Afro beat, Soukouss…world music, Hip Hop… it was naturally in 2000 that I came to Reggae, which touches me as strongly as Gospel through its lyrical power, and its rhythmic simplicity but above all by its depth. I was fed by authentic blues and roots reggae, by precursors like Sonny Boy Williamson, John Lee Hooker, Marvin Gay, Bob Marley, Peter Tosh, Jimmy Cliff, Alpha Blondy, Lucky Dube and many more… 

My music is an emotional, lyrical, rhythmic and melodic cocktail. My message is the product of a combination of sadness and joy resulting in hope. 

I draw my rhythmic bases from my native Congo; i combine styles and melodies from my psychosocial experiences, my multicultural musical collaborations, and from my experience full of conflicts around, physical, spiritual, psychological and material; from my experiences as a migrant from an early age in Africa and Europe. By collaborating with various musicians, animators and educators in various European countries. This is how my music took this flavor with various influences from world music, gospel, funky, Hip Hop, Afro blues, Afro beat, Dancehall, reggae and cultures… committed, dynamic and spiritual. 

It is a product of collaborations with musicians from different countries: Congo, Jamaica, France, Switzerland, Germany and Romania. 

I have lived in several countries and combined studies and musical life, and each country made me discover new styles.

I was co-founder of several musical projects, of different styles, from a very young age in Congo Brazaville (Authentic Congolese music “soukouss” and world music), in Romania (hip hop, Gospel, blues and reggae), in Switzerland and Germany (as sing jay in sound systems and leader of reggae bands), a great period of live performance.

In July 2016, I signed with BOSKA Entertainment to manage my entire career and my various productions… the first single „Rise Up” feat. Sasha produced by Godwin Logie, released in December 2018, and currently preparing a long play (album) for the end of year.

It is a cry of alarm to youth, an awakening of conscience, about respect, the hope of becoming better and freeing oneself from ignorance, of manifesting the works of love and regaining a certain freedom. „The future is always full of hope”

I always want to be impressive at each of my apparitions as much by the natural musical talent than by the writing as well as by the interpretation of songs than by the scenic presence. I feel the power of the African nature, an openness of mind toward discovering and sharing. I speak firstly about love… my message is focused on openness mind and conviction of a well-being, first of all…personal. Always open for new musical experiences, always looking for new challenges 

I adapt my show according to the context of the event. 


Style of music:  Reggae, world music, Dancehall

With some influences from: Hip Hop, Funky-soul, Pop, Folk…Dance, Gospel, Blues and Afro beat.